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Top 10 Reasons The Chase Might Not Be Won By a Hendrick Driver

10. Other drivers hire Tonya Harding to give both Jimmie and Jeffy a good “knee whacking.”

9. Ingrid and Chandra (their wives) decide to “experiment” and run off together, leaving the boys sulking in a bar somewhere too distraught to drive (when Jeff can find a babysitter).

8. Jimmie and Jeff are linked to Gene Haas as “financial advisors” and are sentenced to two weeks in prison.

7. While it sounded like a good idea at the time, Hendrick Motorsports finds out the hard way why Kobalt Tools are not the Official Tools of NASCAR.

6. Oh yeah, Kyle Busch, yeah right! Like THAT was ever gonna happen!

5. NASCAR implements new, stricter drug testing policy… and all Hendrick cars are found to be on steroids.

4. Jimmie and Jeff both accept the use of Michael Waltrip‘s private jet and find themselves at the wrong track.

3. HMS abruptly switches to Toyota for the remainder of the season.

2. Jeff and Jimmie accept an invitation to go cruisin’ ’round the Phoenix Raceway with Kurt Busch… and end up in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “tent city.” (Ironically, during processing, officials find that Jeff and Jimmie both are already wearing pink underwear!)

1. With Hollywood writers now out on strike, Jeff, Jimmie and NASCAR have no idea as to how the Chase is supposed to turn out!

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