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NASCAR Race Weekend Central

Top 10 NASCAR Things For Which We Give Thanks(giving)!

10. The season is NOT 37 races long!

9. There are (as of the day this is published) only 87 days till it starts all over again!

8. Someone other than Jimmie Johnson won a race.

7. The final episode of Budweiser, the No. 8, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and DEI has been aired – repeats are now in syndication.

6. The nations of Jeff Gordon and Earnhardt are now officially allies. Perhaps we should send Rick Hendrick on a diplomatic mission to the Middle East.

5. Brian France vows to still be around to amuse us media types with his mindless, grammatically broken illusions.

4. Bookies are once again accepting bets on what will be the “Official NASCAR” reason California Speedway does not sell out in February.

3. No more seven-minute tributes to Aerosmith before each race.

2. Ricky “Iron Man” Rudd, for thrilling us fans with 906 Cup races – 788 of which were consecutive, a NASCAR record! Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Rudd. You’ve earned it.

1. We won’t have to hear one of the following announcers for at least 87 days: Darrell Waltrip, Bill Weber or Rusty Wallace!