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Top 10 Excuses Heard at Hendrick Motorsports Weekly Post-Race Meeting

10. (Someone from the No. 48 team): “…but all we gotta do is be in at least 12th by race 26 – right?”

9. Chad Knaus: “I do my best work when I’m not allowed at the track.”

8. (Someone from the No. 24 team): “Well, we hired this new kid, see – Shane Hmiel, I think his name was – to work on the suspension.”

7. Jimmie Johnson: “I’m the reigning back-to-back champion. You’ll have to ask my agent.”

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr.: “I, uh, I wuz runnin’ pretty goo, girls! SSSHHHH! Stop it! Hold on a minute, can’t you see they are asking me a question, I, uh, what was the question again?”

5. Johnson: “My agent just told me that Brian France told him that we, the reigning back-to-back champions, were to give the other cars a chance.”

4. Junior (looking back over his shoulder at Jimmy and Jeff): “Well, I don’t know ’bout the rest of y’all, but hell, I wuz up front most of the day and I never saw any teammates in my rearview mirror, ‘cept my bud Casey here.”

3. Casey Mears (leaning over and whispering to Jr.): “Ha, Ha! Welcome to my world, buddy! At least I ain’t the only red-headed stepchild ’round here no more!”

2. Junior (waving a pair of checkered flags): “Hey, boys! Look what I found this past week! How many y’all got? What’s that? I can’t heeeaaaar you.”

1. Steve Letarte (mumbling to himself): “Damnit! I know better than to patch her call through to Jeff on the radio! Jeffy, we need more diapers, NOW.”

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