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Top 10 Ways California Speedway Is No Darlington

10. The race starts three hours later than East Coast fans are used to, so fans can actually be roaring drunk long before the green flag drops.

9. California Speedway actually fools Darlington fans with the shape of the racetrack being exactly like the other 2-milers, thereby faking uniqueness.

8. Fontana doesn’t bother with those tired old nicknames (“Lady In Black”, “Too Tough To Tame”) and remains completely undistinguished.

7. More fans available on Labor Day, since no one actually labors in L.A.

6. Darlington lacks the “fan participation” of having your thrown hot dog wrapper sticking to a driver’s grille and overheating their engine.

5. Fans in California get two opportunities to do something other than attend a NASCAR race each year.

4. You don’t have choice of at least seven seats to sit in at Darlington.

3. Intense heat on Labor Day weekend adds the possibility of dehydrated drivers.

2. Instead of being surrounded by pompous, tobacco-chewing rednecks, you get to be surrounded by pompous, tofu-eating vegans – but at least there’s fewer of them!

1. It’s a place where Brian France can fit in with other non-racing fans.

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