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Top 10 Victory Celebrations Other Drivers Can Do

Since Carl Edwards has already won two races this year, NASCAR fans have been treated to his celebratory backflip twice. While Carl’s backflip is arguably the most entertaining victory celebration in motorsports, other drivers have been looking for a post-victory schtick of their own. With this week’s Top 10 list, Kurt Smith is here to help.

10. Jimmie Johnson can say “this is for all the Johnson haters” and then put his thumbs in his ears, wiggle his fingers, stick out his tongue and blow raspberries until the commercial break.

9. Tony Stewart can climb up onto the flagstand and then smoothly execute a “Triple Lindy” back onto the top of the car.

8. Jeff Gordon can give Ingrid and Ella a kiss and then hand Ingrid a package of diapers from inside the car.

7. Kyle Busch can atone for his criticism of the CoT by making the sponsor-friendly comment that, in fact, it’s Reese’s Pieces that “suck.”

6. Robby Gordon can throw his helmet at one of the NASCAR officials, since he knows they’re just going to penalize him for something anyway.

5. Mark Martin can breakdance to Darrell Waltrip performing a karaoke version of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

4. JJ Yeley can look around at victory lane and say, “Hey, deja vu…” which should be good for a laugh.

3. Matt Kenseth can talk about how good the Roush No. 17 Ford was, thank DeWalt and USG Sheetrock and then spontaneously combust.

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. can give a speech thanking Teresa for her tireless efforts in helping him to finally get into a winning car.

1. Kurt Busch can do a snow rhinoceros.

Kurt Smith doesn’t actually think so little of Reese’s Pieces. He’s actually quite fond of them, especially their prominence in the movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial.

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