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Top 10 Roush Fenway “Proprietary” Items Found In the Possession of “A” Toyota Team

10. A Roush Fenway internal memo titled “How To Get Into And Stay In The Top 35” in Michael Waltrip‘s back pocket.

9. Carl Edwards‘s golden ceremonial Gillette Young Guns shaver. Found next to the sink in Tony Stewart‘s motor coach, full of hair and right next to a torn-up coupon for a free waxing from a local salon.

8. Jack’s last bottle of Crown Royal, taken from his motor coach. Found in AJ Allmendinger‘s possession. AJ claims he was just trying out a new drink called “Royal Bombs.”

7. The only container of Roush Fenway’s own brand of Loctite. Presumably found in Lee White’s (GM of Toyota Racing Development) possession.

6. A small white bunny, presumably the No. 26 team mascot. Found in the pit area of the No. 11 FedEx team. Sources say all they wanted was a little extra “magic.”

5. The velvety purple bag that Jack’s last bottle of Crown Royal was in. Found in the back of Kyle Busch‘s car, supposedly full of M&M’s.

4. Jack’s entire autographed collection of Dr. Seuss books. Found scattered about Kyle Busch’s bedroom in his motor coach. “I like it when Tony tucks me in at night and reads The Cat in the Hat book to me,” said Busch.

3. Edwards’s guide to performing the perfect back flip. Found in the possession of Dale Jarrett. “Well, I was thinking – if I win my last race at Bristol…”

2. Jamie McMurray. Sources say that members from the No. 20 team were showing Jamie what a real racecar looked like.

1. McMurray’s contract. Found in the possession of, nah, Jack wouldn’t have bitched about that!

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