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Top 10 NASCAR Related Deductions Submitted to the IRS

10. $450.00 for new shorts and driver’s suit, submitted by Michael McDowell. (Uniforms and Work Clothes)

9. $1,500.00 for the complete set of Deep Thoughts works by Jack Handey, submitted by Brian France. (Work-Related Educational Expenses)

8. $750.00 for resumes from FedEx/Kinko’s, submitted by Jeremy Mayfield. (Moving Expenses)

7. $5,000.00 submitted by Chip Ganassi for several copies of Rosetta Stone; Espanol (Latin America) for his entire staff. (Work-Related Educational Expenses)

6. $1 million, submitted by Rosetta Stone, for Research and Development into a teaching guide for future employers of Ward Burton. (Rumored to be called “Burtonese”)

5. $79.95 for the deluxe Trackpass package, submitted by Carl Edwards‘s suspended crew chief, Bob Osborne, so he can work from home. (Unreimbursed Employee Expense)

4. $50.00 to $250.00 (depending on the “tat”) by thousands of Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans to artfully add another “8” to existing tattoos. (Medical Expenses)

3. $50,000, described as “donations” to members of the National Stock Car Racing Commission, submitted by Robby Gordon. (Charitable Contributions and/or Legal Expenses)

2. Various amounts, depending on the price of a bus pass in whichever city they happen to live in, submitted by Ward Burton, Shane Hmiel, Kevin Grubb, Ricky Craven, et al. (Local Transportation)

1. $2,500.00 to the Richard Petty Driving Experience, submitted by Kyle Petty. (Work-related Educational Expenses)