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Top 10 Bumper Stickers Found On NASCAR Drivers’ Personal Cars

In honor of restrictor-plate racing – and the close quarters that go with it – this week’s Top 10 focuses on all the things we wish Sprint Cup vehicles would put on their rear bumper.

10. “NASCAR Babes On Board”

9. “My other car is a winged snow plow”

8. “Don’t think because I’m not at the track, I won’t dump you”

7. “If you can read this and we’re not at Talladega, you’re too close”

6. “I’m 100 miles away, son… ready to strike!”

5. “Proud parent of the kid that schooled yours at the go-kart track”

4. “I’d rather be drafting”

3. “Don’t hit me… I certainly don’t need the money!”

2. “Proud Member of NASCAR Officials’ Benevolent Association”

And the No. 1 bumper sticker for NASCAR drivers:

1. “Got France?”