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Top 10 Security Precautions Kyle Busch Took to Get Out of Richmond Alive

10. Pretended to befriend Brad Keselowski, gave him his sun goggles to wear, slapped him on the back and sent him on his way.

9. Dressed up as a Budweiser guy removing empty kegs from the track.

8. Disguised himself as a rabid Junior fan running around asking… “Where is that punk SOB?!”

7. Hired Jimmy Spencer to be his escort out of there.

6. Walked so close to Mike Helton that he blended into his shadow and no one saw him.

5. Dressed in drag and convinced Michael Waltrip to take him home. Boy, was Michael surprised later!

4. Hung out at “Digger’s place” till everyone had given up looking for him.

3. Made a boat and floated out on Denny Hamlin’s tears.

2. Hid in the No. 9 hauler, as no respectable Junior fan now goes near it.

1. Put on some rubber ears and disguised himself as his big brother.

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