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Top 10 Things Being Said About Carl Edwards’s Rear End

10. “It’s the way that you use it to your advantage. Some guys are getting it more than others.” – Kyle Busch, talking about Carl’s car presumably

9. “Mine used to look like that when I was racing.” – Jimmy Spencer

8. “They [complain] when we’ve got too many rules and then they want us to create more. NASCAR is not going to police any team’s rear ends more than we already do.” – Series director John Darby

7. “The way it sits up high and tight and slightly to the right is just fabulous! You can tell he’s been working hard on it. Oh, and I hear his racecar is pretty good too.” – Richard Simmons

6. “All I know is that I’m going to be paying $6 mil a year for it to make an impression in the race seat!” – Jack Roush

5. “If he ever tries that fake punch crap again, I going to kick it!” – Matt Kenseth

4. “Oh my! (sigh)” – Female Edheads nationwide

3. “Here in the garage, we don’t mess with his rear end anymore than NASCAR will allow, I can assure you of that.” – Bob Osborne, No. 99 crew chief

2. “NASCAR knows it’s happening. They see it. When cars can’t even get on the scales because they’re running sideways, it’s something they need to address.” – Jeff Gordon

1. “For a NASCAR driver, its HAPPEN’N! I’ve seen it. It is right off the scale! It’s really something! I need his address! – Ingrid Vandebosch (Mrs. Jeff Gordon)

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