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Top 10 Signs Michael Waltrip Racing May Be In Financial Trouble

10. Mikey was recently spotted purchasing auto parts at Advanced because they have “some really good deals!”

9. All shipping needs at MWR are now handled by DHL — because they are the cheapest.

8. DW was recently banned from the shop to cut down on air conditioning costs.

7. Local car dealership rents the MWR employee parking lot to host their annual “Big Tent Sale.”

6. “I was there… ” fan reports Michael bought $56 worth of “regular” unleaded gasoline instead of “premium” last night.

5. Mikey and “I was there” fan agree to carpool from now on.

4. Entire catering needs at the annual MWR Employee Appreciation Day were handled by a three-foot party sub from Subway (and Mikey took home the leftovers).

3. Michael’s been spending more time with Buffy and not “other girls.”

2. Michael is presented with a “sign” by Bill Engvall after Bill was approached about investing in the MWR operation.

1. An investigation shows that amazingly, the only people to have ever been turned down for a rent to own agreement at Aaron’s are also MWR employees.

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