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Top 10 Reasons Sponsors and Drivers Are Leaving DEI

10. At this point, even MWR looks appealing to DEI employees.

9. It is just natural for young, talented drivers to want to move UP!

8. Mark Martin wants to drive for someone younger looking than himself.

7. A championship in a DEI car? That’s right, bet on the long shot!

6. What else do you do on a sinking ship!?

5. If the U.S. Government and Martin can’t get DEI to Victory Lane…

4. Sponsors and drivers are realizing that “100% of nothing is really nothing!”

3. Teresa doing the “motherly” thing with Martin just doesn’t look right.

2. All remaining DEI employees have been re-titled as “Assistant to the Curator.”

1. Teresa insisted on 51% control of the U.S. Army. George Bush refused.

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