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Top 10 Ways NASCAR Should Punish Juablo for Spinning Vyle Busch

Author’s note: Today’s Top 10 is a compilation written by myself AND a number of the fine, if sometimes just not quite right, members of our Frontstretch Forums family. Yes, this family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional!”

10. Two-lap penalty for “rough, but extremely funny and satisfying” driving.

9. With the whole “Mo” lawsuit going on, you can’t punish the only living symbol of NASCAR “diversity!”

8. Make him run the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona without fenders on his car.

7. Have him write a handwritten apology to every single Kyle Busch fan and pay for postage… wait a minute… that’s no punishment!

6. Require Juan to hand write a personal note to every single driver, owner and fan who has thanked him. That should make him think twice next time!

5. Start limiting the amount of “social time” he is spending with Jimmy Spencer.

4. Punishment for what? He did nothing wrong!

3. Make Juan Pablo Montoya count all the profits Brian France will realize from JPM rivalries with other drivers.

2. During the remainder of the 2008 season, require him to put his arm around Kyle Busch’s shoulder and repeat, “Say hello to my little friend,” for a new series of NASCAR promotional commercials.

1. Award him 100 Bonus Points for “actions detrimental to Kyle Busch!”

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