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NASCAR’s Top 10 Excuses for the Indianapolis Race

10. Diamond grooving actually done with cubic zirconia.

9. Trying to negate Kyle Busch’s “great driver” advantage, since the “no more great engines” rule didn’t work so well.

8. Giving all of us in the press something to talk about to help give websites a boost in a struggling economy (mission accomplished).

7. Large contribution from Hoosier for sales boost in home state.

6. Lounge chairs laid out across Brickyard infield indicate miscommunication… NASCAR thought they heard teams say that more resting at Indianapolis was needed.

5. Putting Tony Stewart through rigorous pre-ownership program to ensure he can hold his tongue about NASCAR and Goodyear.

4. Let’s be fair; not everyone that works for NASCAR saw the Atlanta race.

3. First foray into what NASCAR will refer to as the “Race of Tomorrow” (or the RoT).

2. Tried to take advantage of a marketing opportunity in which they were supposed to call the last seven laps the “Chase to the Bricks.”

1. Hey, at least the Sunoco fuel worked!