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Top 10 Ways You Know You Just Spent a Week at Bristol

10. At least one of the nights, you passed out in one place and woke up somewhere completely different – with no recollection of how you did that.

9. You spent at least one day vowing to “never do THAT again,” and spent a lot of time in the port-a-john.

8. You wondered who everyone was talking about as they told stories of “last night,” but were afraid to ask.

7. You’re broke.

6. But you’re happy!

5. You thought of weird things – like; “Could I run away fast enough if that helicopter suddenly stopped ‘helicoptering’ and fell on my camper?”

4. The muscles along your shin bone still hurt four days after your last trek up “Holy Hill.”

3. You nodded knowingly a lot during the race when others talked to you, even though you hadn’t a clue as to what they were saying.

2. You remember seeing at least one guy/gal who must’ve been the person that everyone was talking about, cuz they were WAY drunker than you ever got!

1. You never thought you’d see the day when you heard someone get more boos than Kurt Busch at Bristol, but then you realized, hey, it must be a genetic sibling rivalry thing!

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