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Top 10 Worse Things That Could Have Happened to Kyle Busch at Loudon

10. 34 spelled backwards is 43 – and that’s 27 less points.

9. Getting stuck in an elevator with Steve Wallace, no weapons, and his hands tied behind his back.

8. Missing his plane and having to drive to the Boston airport after the race – all the way down Route 106.

7. Three words: Juan Pablo Montoyaย – who’s otherwise referred to by his nickname: Michael McDowell.

6. No dry cleaning bill to worry about this week for getting those pesky champagne stains out of his driving suit.

5. “He could have called his girlfriend by the wrong name. Oops! Forgot he already knows how that feels

4. NASCAR could have thrown a competition caution just to let every driver in the field pay him back.

3. Spinning car stops in front of Dale Earnhardt Jr. trailer in the infield – after everyone just finished a 12-pack.

2. Teammate Tony Stewart‘s crew could have handled his pit stops. Then he’d have never reentered the race!

1. Losing your 208-point lead due to some ridiculous playoff format. Oh, hold on just a minute…

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