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Top 10 Good Things That Can Be Said About “The Chase”

10. It has given Brian France a sense of “self worth” and “immortality.”

9. It has created tons of “lost revenue” tax writeoffs for NASCAR.

8. It has virtually guaranteed that Richard Petty’s and Dale Earnhardt’s record of seven Cups will never be broken.

7. Gives us fans who also like football a chance to watch more football uninterrupted.

6. It promotes diversity in the same way our country promotes illegal aliens – everyone gets the right for a chance at the Cup, even though you don’t deserve it.

5. It gives “75 million fans” something to bitch about.

4. Creates 10 free test sessions for 31 other teams.

3. Theoretically, you never have to be a winner to be a champion.

2. Gives certain people who have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands to come up with stupid things such as Ancient Chaseology, thus keeping them indoors and preventing them from preying on innocent children or society in general.

1. After only two races of the ’08 Chase… Kyle Busch – 5,180 pts, -210 !!!!!

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