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Top 10 Reasons Sponsors and Drivers Are Leaving DEI

10. They are hoping to get in with a good team… like Chip Ganassi or Michael Waltrip Racing.

9. They are tired of all the “TEI” jokes. You know, like “The End is Imminent.”

8. Assigning them double duty as the janitorial crew was the last straw.

7. They are realizing that if all the “real” Earnhardts left, something must be up.

6. Two letters: T. E.

5. They decided that with all the recent talk of a “bailout,” the time was ripe.

4. The Army is already under enough pressure to pull out, so they thought they’d practice with DEI. Baby steps!

3. DEI recently hired Billy Mays to sell the team to potential sponsors – “But wait! We’ll give you another car and driver for a one time payment of $19 million!”

2. They want to win, or at least have a chance to win.

1. They can “save big money at Yates” and there is no mail-in rebate!

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