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Top 10 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Just Been in the “Big One”

10. You’re pretty sure you weren’t carrying Tony Stewart’s wing behind your seat before.

9. You’re positive you didn’t start the race with your feet above your head and a clod of sod the size of Rhode Island in the cockpit.

8. Your wife comes on the radio and asks where you keep the life insurance policy.

7. You look out your window and the first thing you see is the rescue crew’s size 12s.

6. Furniture Row just called and asked you to do that again – it’s the most airtime they’ve had all year.

5. You’re thinking that when they painted the big target on the hood, this is not what they had in mind.

4. You started the race with Lowe’s on your quarterpanel, but now it just says “ow.”

3. Your crew chief radios to ask you to pick up the carburetor on the way to the ambulance.

2. You suddenly find Matt Kenseth in your lap.

1. Your spotter considerately clears you – for landing.