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Top 10 Possible Reasons Carl Edwards’s Car Got Such Good Gas Mileage

10. According to Ford, Texas Motor Speedway is more akin to “highway driving” than, say, Martinsville.

9. Brian France mandated Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards were to have slightly bigger tanks than the rest of the field to make the script more exciting.

8. Most of the time, Carl was so far ahead, he was coming downhill out of the banking while everyone else was going up.

7. The team secretly used something else besides Sunoco, the Official Fuel of NASCAR.

6. He did it just to piss off teammate Marty Feldman… I mean, Greg Biffle. (Did you see Biff’s eyes in his post race interview!)

5. The team dipped into their standard “burn out reserve” that they automatically figure into Carl’s fuel calculations.

4. Bush’s Baked Beans.

3. When you draft behind lapped traffic, of course you will save gas.

2. When the “Cat in the Hat” is on your box, magical things happen.

1. Maybe, just maybe, racers like Gordon and Edwards are a bit more talented than, say… Biffle and others?!