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Happy Holidays From Frontstretch!

To all our devoted fans,

As we prepare to put the 2008 racing season behind us, it’s time to thank you once more for your readership, your support, and most of all – your passion. In good times and bad, I believe a NASCAR fan’s dedication is unmatched in American sports. You’re never afraid to speak your mind, whether it’s to pat a writer on the back for a job well done or to keep us honest for a mistake we shouldn’t have made. I know it sounds cliche, but it can’t be said often enough – it’s YOU who make the sport of NASCAR so much fun to cover, giving us a reason to write each week.

But for the next 12 days, your favorite writers are off to channel our passion back in a different direction – towards the friends and family we care about the most. But before we go, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year – and we look forward to seeing you when Frontstretch resumes operation on January 5th, 2009!


Tom Bowles
Managing Editor

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Frontstretch!”

  1. Merry Christmas. There is nothing wrong with keeping the Christ in Christmas. His birthday has only been recognized for the past almost 1700 years. Merry Christmas to the Frontstretch Staff

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