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Top 10 Reasons James Hylton’s Car Wouldn’t Start at Daytona

Author’s Note: First off, I must share credit for this Top 10 with Mike Neff. Secondly, remember this is humor! We LOVE James here at Frontstretch!

10. Inadvertently brought a CoY instead of a CoT.

9. Forgot to put Stabil in the tank last year.

8. At 74 years old, damned if he could remember where he put those keys!

7. Forgot to take the battery out of his Buick LeSabre and put it back in the racecar.

6. Mark Martin put sugar in his gas tank.

5. His walker wouldn’t fit in the trunk.

4. Line from portable oxygen tank kept tripping the kill switch.

3. James and his entire crew fell asleep after the Blue Bird special.

2. Didn’t want to be labeled as the first “start and park” of the year.

1. He was skeert!

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