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Top 10 Things That Make as Much Sense as Starting the Daytona 500 After 3 p.m. ET

10. The conception of Brian France in the first place (had to have been a “mistake”).

9. Goodyear unveiling their new line of condoms (maybe that is what happened with No. 10!).

8. PETA.

7. Starting lapped cars up front on the inside on restarts now that we have the Lucky Dog.

6. Arguing who was at fault: Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Brian Vickers.

5. Thinking Obama is this country’s Messiah (Anti-Christ, maybe…)

4. Larry McReynolds.

3. Believing the states of Kansas or California will ever make good on the IOUs they are sending out instead of state tax refunds (send THEM one if you owe!!!!)

2. NASCAR’s enforcement of any rule – not to mention the DOUBLE yellow line!

1. An epileptic frying bacon in the nude!

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