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Top 10 Reasons to Run Into the Infield Grass During a Race

10. Owwww! Those lugnuts hurt when they hit you in the hiney!

9. To avoid a non-attentive Dale Earnhardt Jr.

8. Instead of “Drop and give me 20!” Coach Kerr says, “Sprint to the frontstretch and back!” after a subpar stop.

7. Because those Goodyears seem to do some craaaaazy things at the racetrack.

6. Political statement.

5. Well, something has to wake up those buffoons in the tower.

4. It’s a Tasmanian thing… you wouldn’t understand.

3. Team in pit stall next to the No. 47 had to pay up. Big time.

2. Adrenaline, man… ADRENALINE!!!!!

1. Because according to Joyce Julius, it earned Kingsford $1.2 million worth of on-air advertising.

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