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Top 10 Other Victory Celebrations Kurt Busch’s Miller Lite Drinking Buddies Suggested

Following Kurt Busch’s dominating Atlanta win, he celebrated by driving his car in reverse around the track in a new kind of victory lap. Later, he said that the idea came from a Miller Lite drinking session with his buddies. So, I thought we’d speculate on some of the other ideas that might have emerged from that brainstorm in a special edition of the Top 10….

10. Promise God that if he got through this, he would never, ever, ever drink again as long as he lives. And this time, he really means it.

9. Go behind a hauler to finally whiz out all of that Miller Lite after 500 miles.

8. Open firesuit to reveal “D.A.M.M. – Drunks Against Mad Mothers” t-shirt.

7. Spraypaint the word “ROTS” under the “Bud” on the hood of the No. 9.

6. Put a Miller Lite bar glass on top of the car and bounce a quarter off the hood into it.

5. Stand on the white line, lean his head back, close his eyes and touch his nose with both hands.

4. Write his name in the “snow” that he once made an angel in.

3. Two words: Beer Bong!

2. Lead grandstands in opposing chants of “TASTES GREAT!” and “LESS FILLING!”

1. Flash Miss Sprint.

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