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Top 10 Places NASCAR Personalities May Have Found Their Easter Eggs

Author’s Note: It has become sort of a tradition (looking back) that around Easter, this list has usually done something about Easter eggs and the creative places certain NASCAR personalities may stick them – excuse me – perhaps “find them” might be a better phrase. With the ever changing world of sponsorship, we should have plenty of material!

10. Mauricia Grant – Hers were delivered by NASCAR lawyers sometime last year… and you know what? They were all golden!

9. Tommy Baldwin Racing and Jeremy Mayfield – all in one basket.

8. Robby Gordon – Oh, there it is! Right under the course map!

7. Joe Nemechek – Scrambled, all over the place!

6. Kurt Busch – Splattered all over the side of his house. If you looked at the mess just right, it appears to spell out “’Dude’ THIS!”

5. Tony Stewart – From recent commercials, Tony would like us to believe some tall, beautiful, Russian girl has been handling his “eggs!”

4. Corey Quick – Unfortunately for this front tire changer on the No. 99 team, his egg was a pink plastic one; and worse yet, it had a matching-colored slip in it.

3. Kevin Harvick – Don’t know that Kevin has found his yet. From the way he has been running lately, it probably has a cracked Shell.

2. Carl Edwards – He just followed the feathers to the duck’s nest.

1. Joey Logano – Expected to find his between two pieces of sliced bread. So far, all bread… no egg!

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