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Top 10 Reasons Jim France Stepped Down as the Head of ISC

10. Got tired of babysitting his brother’s kids for minimum wage.

9. Couldn’t get Brian France to stop making monkey noises during the board meetings.

8. Bruton Smith (who does kinda look like Marlon Brando) made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to work at SMI.

7. It is all just a ploy so they look better in future “anti-trust” lawsuits.

6. He’s getting ready to replace Brian as the CEO of NASCAR (We can only hope.)

5. Barack Obama made him do it as a condition for a federal bailout.

4. Got booted after having the audacity to suggest that ISC build something other than a (GASP!) mile-and-a-half cookie cutter track.

3. “Hey, ISC’s stock dropped just as much as most other big corporations with me at the helm. Why don’t I get a bigger bonus this year? Screw this!”

2. Told Lesa France Kennedy, “Ya know, you’re kinda scary up close,” while he was setting his satellite TV package to record from his computer during a board meeting.

1. Like half the populace in this country that is also “reality challenged,” he was more concerned with what was happening tonight on CSI than he was at ISC.

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