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Top 10 Things Going Through Carl Edwards’s Mind on that Last Lap

10. “C’mon Kes, time to hook up! We gots to go!”

9. “Wow, Red Bull really does give you wings!”

8. “OK Brad, keep pushing… and be happy with a second-place finish!”

7. “Easy, laddie! Don’t make me throw a Busch league block on ya!”

6. “Brad!!!! You little fff… !!! NEWMAN!!!!”

5. “Wow, sure got quiet all of a sudden! Feels like I’m floating …”

4. “What’s this thing coming towards me? Glad I took my Claritin Clear! I can now clearly see it’s a… a… FENCE!!!!!!!!”

3. “HOLY SH…! Did you see that?! Bits and pieces flying all over the place! Where the hell is my carburetor?”

2. “Hope no one got hurt, and if they did, there’s always AFLAC. Hmmm, did I send my payment in this month?”

1. “Well, if I get out now and cross the finish line, I can still beat Kyle! And the fans DID get to see me do a flip….”

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