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Top 10 “Bromances” in NASCAR

(Wikipedia defines a bromance as a “close, but non-sexual relationship between two men, a form of ‘homosocial intimacy'” — as mentioned in Phil Allaway’s rundown of last weekend’s broadcast.)

10. Teresa Earnhardt and her 100% of nothing. Oh yeah, there is Chip Ganassi in there too – with Felix Sabates watching. (I guess, since Teresa is a girl, it would be a “gromance?”)

9. Anyone in the media center and the late, great David Poole.

8. Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch (this is more likely a full-fledged romance).

7. Mark Martin and any of “the guys that gave me such a great car tonight. It was just a blast to drive.”

6. FOX and the damn gopher.

5. DW and Kyle Busch. (Usually it is DW and Dale Earnhardt Jr., but there has been nothing to love about him lately – I think DW is trying to make him jealous.)

4. Dale Jr. and Tony Eury Jr. (If they both are as good as they claim the other is and they still aren’t winning, how else do you explain the two still being together?)

3. Chad and Jimmie Johnson.

2. Obviously not Larry McReynolds and any English professors.

1. Brian France and any dead president whose picture happens to be on a small, green piece of paper.