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Top 10 Other Rock-Star Tributes Planned by Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch’s display of smashing the Gibson Les Paul at Nashville may not have won over many NASCAR fans’ hearts, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to stop paying tribute to the great institution that is rock-n-roll. Here are some of the other things he has on (Spinal) tap to pay homage to the greats like Pink Floyd, The Who, Phil Collins and many others! Tribute honoree in parentheses, for those not so big rock-n-roll fans….

10) Someday when career is declining, have a giant inflatable pig fly over audience with explosions and lasers to help distract from his glaring inability to race like he used to. (Pink Floyd)

9) Marvel at how incredibly far one can really go simply by refusing to drive 55. (Sammy Hagar)

8) Have session crew member standing by so that profitable tour of series will not be disrupted by 30-year member of crew dropping dead. (The Who)

7) Make alternating announcements of on-again, off-again trips to rehab center. (Eddie Van Halen)

6) Demand that his race car’s hoods prominently feature close-ups of his face from every possible angle. (Phil Collins)

5) Race year after year without doing anything new or original and release videos from every season, while denouncing other drivers who “are just in it for the money.” (Rush)

4) Expose himself on stage, maybe. (Jim Morrison)

3) Insist that NASCAR charge quadruple what is reasonably expected for events he appears in, capitalizing on this inexplicable need to see him race. (Rolling Stones)

2) Stay in bed with new and strange wife for one week for “peace” while feuding with former teammates over money. (John Lennon)

1) Go disco! (Just about anyone – except Elvis)

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