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Top 10 Best Ways to Save Gas in a Fuel-Mileage Race

Since the last two races have come down to fuel mileage, many fans have been asking how drivers manage to squeeze every drop out of their fuel cells to cruise to victory in such races. So Frontstretch’s Kurt Smith did some research and lists here his top-10 suggestions for drivers to save gas out there, in case any crew chiefs are thinking about it for Infineon!

10. Make sure tires are properly inflated – proper tire inflation could even diminish our dependence on foreign oil.

9. Let other cars pass you on pace laps if need be, provided your t-shirt sales are above a certain level.

8. Replace the air filter every 10,000 miles or so, but not during a green flag pit stop.

7. Switch over to “Prius Motor” (Toyota only).

6. Get out of the gas sooner, don’t punch the throttle too much, shift into higher gear and get back into the gas later; in other words, completely forget everything you know about how to race.

5. Shut off the air conditioner, since the window’s open anyhow.

4. Sneak a copy of The Better Gas Mileage Book from the Shell Answer Series into the pits when the Sunoco people aren’t looking.

3. Keep throwing debris from car onto the track in hopes that the caution stays out until nightfall.

2. Don’t give in to that desire to actually win the race or anything.

1. Break wind into a jar.

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