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Top 10 Reasons More Foreign Manufacturers Should Be in NASCAR

10. Well, the way things are going, that’s about all that’s left.

9. It might not be what Brian France had in mind, but it is diversity!

8. Who wouldn’t like to see a Lexus hit the wall at 200 mph?!

7. (Who among us wouldn’t hope that maybe said Lexus was Brian France’s?!)

6. It would give us clever rednecks a chance to come up with derogatory words for what BMW stands for.

5. It would probably have us clever rednecks looking up what it actually does stand for!

4. Who wants to bet that DW would pronounce Audi, ‘Oddy?’

3. The younger drivers coming up would feel right at home in the new ‘Tuners.’

2. Oh, man! ‘Drifting’ the corners at Bristol and Martinsville!

1. I won’t look so stupid now with big numbers painted on the doors of my Subaru!