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Top 10 Surprises to Come from Infineon

10. Michael Waltrip Racing.

9. No Miss Terri DeBris cautions.

8. No earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, gay marriage ballot or anything else like that to dominate the California news.

7. Jimmie Johnson actually owning up to what really was just a ‘racing deal’. I mean, for once, he was right!

6. Oh gee… the RIGHT way to do restarts really DOES work even at tracks like Infineon.

5. Kyle who?

4. Tony Stewart not able to rattle Kasey Kahne’s cage even with all the restarts.

3. Boris Said’s driving exhibition.

2. Kasey Kahne! (who among you fantasy players picked HIM to win!?)

1. Kasey and Richard Petty didn’t smash the trophy wine glass on the ground after drinking from it “to give each team member a piece!”

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