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Top 10 Reasons New Hampshire Was the Only Race This Year To See a Ratings Increase

10. It’s the week before the Fourth of July, and most folks stayed home this weekend so they could afford to go out.

9. Most of “Junior Nation” cashed in their “end of the month beer cans” and got their cable reconnected.

8. Naysayers are still tuning in, hoping to be vindicated and see “double-file restart mayhem.”

7. It was raining everywhere else, too.

6. Improvements to the track are finally starting to pan out.

5. It’s probably gonna lose a date, so you might as well watch while you can.

4. Word is finally spreading that there really is no more Digger or DW this year.

3. A Kyle Busch apology?! That’s worth tuning in for right there!

2. Well, it is the Lenox Industrial Tool 301! Not the 500. Does that tell you something, NASCAR?

1. One name: Ralph Sheheen!