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Top 10 Similarities Between Brian France & NASCAR & Michael Jackson & Neverland Ranch

10. Their “hay day” has long past.

9. Both have produced an occasional “Thriller,” but not very often.

8. Unless there is a tragic fire, both will be the same color when they die/died (DYED?).

7. The tower Brian lives in is exactly the same color as Michael’s skin.

6. Both Brian and Michael give me the willies just looking at them.

5. Michael spent most of his life just wishing he could be a talented white guy, while Brian has spent a good amount of time wishing for a talented black guy.

4. Neverland and a NASCAR event share the same atmosphere.

3. Brian is not as picky as Michael, as he’s been screwing fans of all ages and sexes for years.

2. One had everything given to him by his dad, the other, well… looks like dad will get everything.

1. Rumors have it that Brian’s sister Lesa will have an unexpected “wardrobe malfunction” during next year’s opening ceremony of “NASCAR’s Super Bowl,” the Daytona 500.