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Enough Already: Jeremy Mayfield’s Latest Failure

Jeremy Mayfield has tested positive for methamphetamine use, according to the latest sample collected by NASCAR. And no, this is not in reference to the test that Mayfield originally failed in May.

He failed another one.

A urine sample collected by NASCAR technicians on July 6th at Mayfield’s home returned positive for meth use. The sample was collected as NASCAR technicians directly observed (Mayfield gave the sample with his pants down and shirt pulled up), leaving no doubt as to its validity.

However, the collection of the positive sample was just one of many highlights from July 6th. Mayfield was contacted by NASCAR officials and given two hours to report to their approved lab for a drug test, allowed under the emergency injunction that he was granted effective July 1st. Yet Mayfield reportedly was unable to locate the NASCAR-approved facility, and instead reported to another drug testing lab (one suggested by his attorney), where he delivered a sample. The failure to provide the sanctioning body directly with a sample led NASCAR officials to show up at Mayfield’s home that evening to collect.

Mayfield’s attorney, John Buric, was quick to counter NASCAR’s report, saying that he instructed his client to report back to the lab Mayfield reported to on his own earlier that day as soon as NASCAR was done collecting their samples. That lab, Buric claims, confirmed that Mayfield did not test positive for meth use.

Two more contradicting stories in this saga… who’d have thought it possible?

Well, I’ve got two words of my own: Enough already.

As far as I’m concerned, Mayfield’s credibility is shot after this latest incident. Any issues brought up before the court that led to his reinstatement – flaws in NASCAR’s drug policies, mishandling of urine samples, etc. – do not apply here. If anything, NASCAR was flexible in allowing Mayfield to provide a sample in his home on the evening of July 6th… a number of hours past the deadline the same injunction that cleared Mayfield to race stated he had to meet when called for testing. And notice there’s no questioning of the validity of this urine sample, either.

Unfortunately, it’s this latest incident which now has this writer firmly convinced that Mayfield is hiding something. It’s just the latest strand in a long string of episodes that don’t have me believing a word coming out of his mouth.

In May, when the first positive test was reported, there is no doubt that NASCAR did everything wrong they could to make themselves the bad guy and to provide Mayfield a way to wiggle around the positive test. But, it’s also been largely glossed over that even if Mayfield’s allegation that his test was the result of using Claritin and Adderall was true, he obviously had failed to disclose to the sanctioning body in due time that he was using such medications… which Ramsey Poston noted as early as June 5th was a violation of any competitor’s contract with NASCAR.

Fast forward to late June and the judicial process that led to Mayfield’s emergency injunction which reinstated him as a NASCAR competitor. The decision was largely based on the judge’s presumption that the “harm to Mr. Mayfield [not being allowed to race] significantly outweighs the harm to NASCAR.” So, while NASCAR’s drug policy and ability to police its competitors has been shredded and largely undermined, Mayfield has yet to show up for a race since the “emergency injunction” was granted.

And despite the truth that Mayfield Motorsports was indeed cash-strapped even before this ugly drama unfolded, there largely appears to have been no effort on Mayfield’s behalf to get back to the racetrack to take advantage of this injunction. After over a week leading up to the injunction of hyping up a possible return to the track at Daytona, the No. 41 team never showed up… and apparently never made any plans to. Because even though the team’s former crew chief, Tony Furr, asserted the day prior to Mayfield’s reinstatement that “we’re a day-and-a-half away from having [a car] ready to go to wherever” and “I could have a team in place in less than an hour,” the No. 41 didn’t show up at Daytona… or Chicago.

Need more proof that Mayfield has obviously been blowing smoke about how quickly his team wanted and needed to get back to the race track? Today the final employee of the team, GM Bobby Wooten, left the same organization that Mayfield credited as his brainchild back in March. Why? Because just as he was doubtful regarding the validity of Robert Craddock and SmallSponsor.com’s pledge to sponsor Mayfield for the Brickyard race later this month, Wooten “does not believe Mayfield has any interest in resurrecting the team.”

Now, we have this latest episode that has Mayfield, already late in providing a urine sample, test positive again for methamphetamine.

And there’s no one screaming it was Claritin and Adderall this time.

Sure, there’s the sample that Mayfield provided at a lab of his attorney’s recommendation that was negative for meth. No question, the other elements regarding the latest breaking news in the case (that his stepmother has known of his meth use since 1998) border on the sensational even in this writer’s eye.

But ultimately, it’s the driver himself who has no credibility left to stand on.

Mayfield failed the first drug test. And regardless of what scenario truly played out regarding the Richmond fiasco in May, Mayfield failed to disclose in a timely manner the nature of his prescription drug use, a violation of his contract as a NASCAR competitor. Mayfield has failed to do anything to act on his reinstatement, despite far-reaching implications from that judgment which not only imperiled NASCAR’s drug policy but allowed him to take full control of his racing career away from the sanctioning body. Instead, he showed absolutely no interest and made no effort in getting back to racing. And now, he’s failed a drug test… again.

Enough is enough. There’s an ugly pattern going here… and this time, it’s not of NASCAR’s making.

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Senior Commentator at Frontstretch

Richmond, Virginia native. Wake Forest University class of 2008. Affiliated with Frontstretch since 2008, as of today the site's first dirt racing commentator. Emphasis on commentary. Big race fan, bigger First Amendment advocate. Here till I get canceled.

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32 thoughts on “Enough Already: Jeremy Mayfield’s Latest Failure”

  1. I congratulate you on your new job at Nascar PR . Looks like you’ve got the company chant down perfectly . And you’re right , Mayfield should simply sell his race team , burn his Nascar credentials , and report to the nearest prison facility to turn himself in , because as we all know , just like debris cautions , if Nascar says its so , then it must be so .

  2. Ok, we’ve got The always believable and trust worthy NASCAR saying they have two positive meth tests. By the same lab. Yet nascar wants to control where the B sample is retested and wouldn’t agree to a test sight proposed by Jeremy’s attorney.

    Then we have Jeremy and his attorney stating that they now have two negative tests and are still doing a B test as back up to further substantiate the negative results.

    Now just who do I think I’ll lean toward believing?

    Why has nascar dragged this step mother’s claims into this? She has about the same credibility as Brian France to me. Who is going to be brave enough, reporter enough, to check this woman and her relationship with Jeremy out?

    What glares out to me is how far nascar will go to sway public opinion and be the same bully that I’ve seen since the sixties. The mission, as I see it from nascar, is that they have every intent to destroy Jeremy because he is trying to defend himself and is going against the fiefdom we know as nascar. Isn’t this the same thing they did in the Grant case? They wouldn’t let that case go to court anymore than they will this one. A sneaky quiet settlement hidden from the public will come at some point.

    If Jeremy is in the right then I applaud his efforts. If he’s wrong then he has to be really stupid for going down this path. I’m with holding my judgment for just a little while longer. Why? I need more information and what I really want to see is just how low down nascar will get before they quit and run to the settlement table.

  3. “Enough is enough. There’s an ugly pattern going here… and this time, it’s not of NASCAR’s making.” your right to the point of the ugly pattern, but how can you say with what information we have that NASCAR is innocent? to many questions for both sides, it’s still “My side tests and says this” No independent testing…As to NASCAR, how many times has the arrogance of a big powerful cooperation bit them selves in the a..? NASCAR could be taking to much stock in their Dr. and Lab. If I were NASCAR and with all it’s resources, I would be not be betting my reputation on one lab and Dr. I would have at least another reputable source and be more transparent on my process to prove I was credible. This drug testing process is not nor should be considered “Trade secrets”. When an independent lab that the court chooses give a result, no one side shuld be believed.

  4. Is it just me, or does this sound like some what of a marketing ploy? Think about it….NASCAR ratings are the lowest they have EVER been. Attendance is the lowest it has EVER been. What better way to try and spike ratings and attendance then to single out Mayfield for their “Drug Drama?” Seems to me like they are trying to make this too much of a “soap opera” drama. They are being extrememly public with all the court hearings and such. Its like they are desperate to get people to watch each week…..just my two cents

    Plus Mayfield sucks anyway….no loss in singling him to make use for their “Drug Conspiracy”

  5. Wow, I knew most posters at this site had a lot of bones to pick with NASCAR, and in most cases I am right there with them, but this denial baffles me.
    Could someone explain what NASCAR has to gain from this or what Mayfield did (prior to the first failed test) to warrant NASCAR’s alleged persecution of him. We are at the point where if NASCAR is falsifying evidence and blatantly telling lies in front of a judge that it is not longer just a fine, someone will be going to prison. I just don’t see the incentive for NASCAR to take it that far because I don’t see what vendetta they could have against Mayfield or what benefit this would be to NASCAR.

  6. One word. Scapegoat.
    I am pulling for you Jeremy. Heck I remember when drivers would take a smoke break during a caution. And double heck, NASCAR got started from rumrunning. Which is illegal. I bet some drivers where even drunk during a race. What about Doc Ellis. He pitched a no hitter on LSD. Get over yourself NASCAR and your Norman Rockwell fantacy camp.

  7. The court should appoint an independent lab to draw and analyze a drug test. This ‘my’ lab and ‘his’ lab crap is doing nothing to create credibility for anyone. Jeremy Mayfield is a loser in my book, but before we burn him at the stake, the court should require the independent test at a lab where neither party has an interest. Someone needs to seriously take Nascar to task about their pitiful drug testing policy. If they are going to affect the livlihood of people, they better make the rules clear to everyone and make the testing as fair and unbiased as possible.

  8. If everyone, including the author of this article, is getting fed up with all of the bulspit about Mayfield and NA$CAR, why is everyone still writing about it.

    I understand that during the week there isn’t much NA$CAR news and people have to wright about something. Why not wright about the good things that our Cup, Nationwide, and Truck series drivers do for their community and charities to help children, and adults?

    Everyone doesn’t need to ride a dead horse to death. Let this rest until AFTER it is settled or goes to court.

  9. Even though I believe that Jeremy my be into something, I think nascrap IS trying to railroad him. I don’t know the reason but it will come out. He may have been porking king brian’s wife? nascrap has no creditibility!!

  10. Well, I never have been a fan of Mayfield but again too I don’t dislike him. That being said. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. If I had indeed taken meth and was tolded I would be random drug tested I certainly wouldn’t continue to do drugs. Jeremy would have to know that he would be tested to death and if he continue to do drugs then he is one of the stupiest persons I know. At this point I don’t know who to believe but if indeed Mayfield has independant tests from reputable labs that show him negative and Nascar’s Test show him positive then someone has a big problem. And, just think if Nascar’s Test had come up negative, their whole case against Mayfield would be out the window because they made him out to be as addict. Mayfield may indeed be guilty but it’s very hard for me to think someone would go through all these denials if they were guilty knowing full well they are going to test you to dealt to prove otherwise. And, if Nascar is manipulating the results then Mayfield will probably be a part owner of Nascar before this is over. I’m still waiting to see the results from reputable labs for tests Mayfield had done. If those tests are legit, then someone including most media ought to really come down hard on Brian France and Nascar. Brian talked about how Mayfield endangered drivers on the track, what about the accident Brian had a year or two ago. The rumors said he might be under the influence of something. If so, what about all the innocent babies, children, adults and whoever he endangered by driving impaired “if” he was impaired? Again, if Mayfield is indeed guilty then he has to be one of the most stupiest persons I know to drag this thing out like he has. He would have been much better off to admit to guilt and go through rehab than to go through this. Anyway, let’s see what Mayfield’s Tests from independat labs says if indeed he had them done. If Mayfield wanted to end this, maybe he could ask for members of the media to be present when he gets tested at independant labs and let them observe and see what the results are. Then maybe this thing would end one way or the other.

  11. Now he’s saying Brian France is a user and nascar is corrupt. That his stepmom was involved in shooting and killing his dad. And he has a video crew with him 24/7 to document his every move.


  12. Bill B , heres what Nascar has to gain from the Mayfield incident . They show all of the competitors , and all of the fans that they are in charge . That what they say goes . That no one should think messing with a decision by Nascar could ever possibly pay off . That what Nascar says goes , and if you try challenging that , you’ll pay heavily .
    Nascar was built on the basis of Bill France Sr. ruthlesness when it came to dealing with anyone that went against him or his organisation . Bill Jr. carried on the tradition with absolute iron fisted control over every aspect of the sport . Now of course Brian isn’t the equal of either of those two men , in fact he might be better classified on the weak female side of the family . But the actual men in charge at Nascar , the ones that pull the strings behind the scenes , learned that control is everything , and the cost isn’t really important . Questioning Nascar cannot and will not be tolerated .

  13. Ryan,
    I think that message has already been well delivered by NASCAR and most teams/drivers already realize it. I don’t think they need to risk purgery and falsifying evidence while smearing a driver just to prove that. Do you really think any driver would want to risk doing drugs and failing a test? In a sport totally dependant on corporate sponsorship it would be the kiss of death. So I don’t buy your argument… now if Mayfield had been threating to bring a union in or something like that I could see it.

  14. Bill B , several drivers already have risked using drugs and have failed the drug tests . Shane Hmiel for one , and the young man who was caught doing Heroin . NASCAR worried about perjuring and smearing a driver ? You must have missed the Tim Richmond saga .
    Your starry eyed view of NASCAR and its integrity is just precious . I recommend you keep your eyes open , you’ll learn .

  15. My mother recently retired from running the safety department at a large trucking company. As such she was in charge of arranging regular and random drug testing for hundreds of drivers.

    She hates racing — considers it a cross between gladatorial combat and watching paint dry. She wouldn’t know Jeremy Mayfield from a hole in the wall. But the other day she got talking about how she ran her testing program and included this interesting titbit, …

    If one of her drivers had been told where and when to report for testing then didn’t show within that 2 hour time window the truck would have been parked the minute that window expired, the driver would have lost his commercial license instantly, and he would have been fired then and there.

    Its the same as refusing to take the breathalyzer test when the cop pulls you over — an automatic positive.

    If Mayfield and his lawyer want federal standards there they are — miss the test and you’re toast. Period. No exceptions. No excuses.

    She also informed me that they had “administratives” — false positives due to prescription drugs, etc. — all the time and that the labs are well accustomed to sorting them out from the real positives.

    Maybe, just maybe, instead of grabbing any handy bat to bash away at Nascar one of the supposed reporters from this site, (and other sites who likewise make their livings from badmouthing the sport that feeds them), should have contacted a dozen or so places that do routine drug testing and tried to find out something about how its actually done instead of just assuming Nascar is evil and swallowing everything Mayfield said at face value.

  16. NASCAR screwed up.
    NASCAR is going to pay.
    NASCAR needs new management.
    NASCAR needs to get rid of France, Helton, and Darby just to start with.
    NASCAR isn’t even close to being the exciting sport it once was.
    NASCAR needs Bruton Smith and Tony Stewart in control.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$
    Are coming my way. Sung by Jeremy Mayfield

  17. Trout… if, God forbid, the day should come when you have to defend yourself for something you may or may not have done, I hope no one says you’re not worth enough to care if you disappear.
    You’re right, this does have all the makings of a Soap Opera. But unlike those shows, this IS real life and a lot of people on both sides have and will be affected by the outcome.
    For me, if I take the NA$CAR name out of it and apply the the same scenario to any corporation, it would still raise a thousand questions.
    I tend to lean towards Jeremy’s side but would like to see the courts mandate their own test NOW and remove some doubts. And if he has all the other independent lab results, at least I know he doesn’t have the money to buy off all the techs like some “corporations” and their “partners”.

  18. Well there you go Jeremy , MB says your truck driving career is over , no exceptions , no excuses .
    With any due respect to your mother , I also have relatives in the lab business and while false positives are very much a fact of life in drug testing , there is absolutely no sorting them out from the real positives unless the lab knows what possible causes there were for the false ones . Sort of like fingerprints in crime , having them doesn’t solve the crime , you have to be able to match them to an actual person to solve a crime .
    Now so far , the evidence on either side is pretty shakey , but going by past history , i’ll go with Mayfield .

  19. as far as I can tell, all we’ve really seen is that people (Mayfield and that DJ who tested it) who take Alderall and Claritin-D test positive for Methamphetamine use.

    And, Nascar still says that’s not possible. At this point, that appears to be provably false. It looks to me like they’re just going to spend mayfield out of court. It’s a good plan (good meaning it could work, not that it isn’t morally reprehensible) if it works.

  20. Hmm, “if” you were a heavy meth user, would you do it in front of your step mom? or how about if he has been a user since 1998, Nascar has been doing radom drug tests since 00′ or before. he was enver tested before? if he was what were those results? Nascar isn’t looking to good in my eyes, but then again they never have.

  21. No sane person would destroy their own $50,000 to $100,000 per week career, like Jeremy Mayfield did twice (with Penske/Evernham) unless they were “spaced-out” on some kind of drug, so the accusation that JM has been a long time abuser seems plausible.
    After seeing Ms. Grant’s bonanza payoff, possibly Mr. Mayfield decided that he too could profit handsomely at NASCAR’s expense by creating a situation that exploits their ” drug policy potholes.” Does anyone really believe that suddenly (in March 2009?) Mr. Mayfield is in need of an A.D.D. prescription, but never needed it in the past?
    If nothing else, Jeremy is delusional if he believes that NASCAR is “just going to pony-up” the check-book to make this go away. Before he hired an attorney, JM should have hired Ms. Grant as a consultant because she proved herself to be a real pro at profiteering from NASCAR’s arrogance! By comparison, Jeremy Mayfield is a “rank amateur!”

  22. So to all you doubters, given the fact that there will always be false positives in any testing method, what is your bright idea for enforcing a drug policy… or should drivers just be allowed to drive impaired?

  23. To all you people who think Mayfield actually tested positive a second time, wake up. He’s not that stupid. Do you really think nas$car was going to admit any wrongdoing in this matter? I compare this to Truex Jr. getting a $25.000 fine and Long getting a $200,000 fine. It speaks for itself. Baaaa!!!


  25. If a meth head says a drug test is flawed, is it? Just because there is no “list” of banned drugs, isn’t a man with average intelligence able to figure out what not to do? Why do all drug tests have to meet the World Doping Association or whatever criteria that someone else uses because it is deemed “the best”? (lets see what Lances book says when he retires) Face it, NASCAR created a test that they can live with, in a sport that they own. All you have to do is be smarter than the average bear to not be kicked out of a easy payday. Grow up folks and grab some reality, this isn’t tball. And by the way, Mr. Richmond died from AIDS, no pain killers needed there. Good driver, bad sex partner chooser.

  26. Mt wife, who is a licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselor says the adderall/claritin combo could indeed create a positive meth test.There are also other OTC drugs that when mixed with adderall could cause a positive meth test. I just wonder why he didn’t make nascar aware of the Rx drugs he was taking in the first place. And the weird step-mother deal…If she supposedly has known for what…10 years she says that he’s used meth, and she NEVER said anything and no one else saw him doing it??? Pretty flimsy. Also he sure doesn’t look like a meth head for supposedly doing it for that long. Surely there would have been some physical signs. I really hope he is innocent. We’ll see I guess.

  27. Rock and Roll, like, hey man, like I hope your book is easier to read than your post dude. It sounds like you got it down man. Rock on!

  28. Nothing, I mean, nothing makes sense here. As much as I hate Brian France and that horse’s @ss Helton, I just can’t buy into Mayfield’s theories, first a mixture of prescription and OTC drugs. This time it’s, “oh…NASCAR is out to get me!!!” (I could see France or Helton not wanting to be proven wrong). However, way too many more discrepancies on the part of Mayfield…I could list them all, but there are many stories out there for you to gather that information.

    It really appears like Mayfield is in need of lots of help. I will agree, he doesn’t display the physical characteristics of a meth head. But I wouldn’t want to find out for certain with him at 190 MPH.

    However, ANYTIME I see Mayfield talking…“It’s just the latest strand in a long string of episodes that don’t have me believing a word coming out of his mouth.” FESS UP JEREMY!!! The denial is really making you look stupider than you already are looking.

  29. Why did NASCAR insist on testing him when he has no ability to show up at the track and attempt to qualify. The judge already said he wanted a hair sample tested. Why not just wait until the court ordered test comes back?

    I’m all for NASCAR having the right to suspend a driver for a positive result. What I do think is wrong about this situation is that NASCAR is completly unwilling to give Jeremy the chance to try and prove his innocence. Just because NASCAR says it is true does not make it so.

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