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Top 10 Sponsors That May Be Willing to Give Jeremy Mayfield a Shot If He Ever Races Again

10. The makers of Adderall. Well, until they lose interest.

9. Claritin-D. Hey, if he’s innocent, they owe him.

8. Aegis Labs. Let’s face it, he’ll be there a lot.

7. StarvingLawyers.com.


5. The sequel to the 1998 movie Stepmom, Stepmom II.

4. NASCAR, as part of their punishment if they lose.

3. JuanPabloMontoya.com. He wasn’t speeding, either.

2. Coke Zero, (Meth One!)

1. The Betty Ford Clinic.

Author’s Note: Kyle Busch was not hated, defamed, picked on or even thought of (until now) during the creation of this list.

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