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Top 10 Ways Roger Penske May Benefit by Having David Stremme As a Driver

10. May be able to sign Discovery Channel’s series Wrecked as a sponsor.

9. Doesn’t have to worry about a “souvenir deal” percentage rate like he does with Kurt Busch.

8. Can accept payoffs from other teams to take out certain drivers during any given race.

7. Makes the No. 2, and even the No. 77 car, look really, really good.

6. Will have a seat for a good “up and comer” in 2010.

5. Roger has been wanting to switch his cell phone carrier for awhile now, and there’s just no better way to get out of his Verizon deal.

4. Roger just likes to mess with anyone named Gordon.

3. Hey, even bad press is better than no press.

2. (Wow! Are there REALLY 10 benefits? This is harder than it looks!)

1. He is really cleaning up with the boys at Dodge on this “Cash for Clunkers” deal!

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