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Top 10 Reasons Barack Obama is Bringing NASCAR to the White House Today

10. Now that he has saved the rest of the country, he figured he’d work on NASCAR.

9. Wanted to make sure the government bailout money given to the auto industry was going to good use.

8. Got a kick out of creating “scheduling conflicts” for Kyle Busch so he couldn’t attend, mistakenly thinking he was another son of George.

7. Advisers told him it would help his numbers with the over 30, white male crowd.

6. Wants to negotiate a deal for the government to buy/bailout NASCAR and ISC.

5. Nothing else for “the most powerful man in the free world” to do on a lazy Wednesday afternoon.

4. It’s all a PR stunt to announce his new “Cash for Crashed CoTs” program to help struggling teams in these trying economic times.

3. He is thinking about putting in a go-kart track on the south lawn and wanted some advice on the design.

2. Figures these guys all drink Brian France’s Kool-Aid, so they might as well drink his too and help promote the new healthcare plan…. whatever it is.

1. He wants to be the new token, er… poster child for NASCAR’s diversity program!

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