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Top 10 Things Going Through Chase Austin’s Head When He Wrecked Kyle Busch

10. I may as well force the excitement back into Bristol.

9. Gonna start-and-park this No. 07 car in fine fashion.

8. Just tryin’ to rattle his cage.

7. Maybe if I wreck a lot, Rusty will let me be Steve’s teammate again.

6. Wait… this isn’t my spotter’s channel!

5. I better take the earplugs with me from the car – I sure as hell don’t want to hear Kyle whine at me.

4. Let’s put Armando Fitz out of his financial misery.

3. I sure hate racing in these higher series and I need an excuse to get sent back.

2. What a nice night. I think I’ll just pull over and let the wind blow against my hand out the window while doing so.

1. If I wreck Kyle Busch, the fans will ordain me a Stock Car God.

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