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Top 10 Things We’ve Learned From Racing in the Rain at Montreal

10. If they really, really have to, Goodyear can make a decent product.

9. Canadian fans are more important to NASCAR than American fans, seeing as how quickly they made the correct decision to race in the rain!

8. No one (as of yet) in NASCAR’s hierarchy died from actually making a right decision!

7. How second-place interviews should be handled in the face of real disappointment.

6. Southerners are quite adept at pronouncing French names.

5. Never have to worry about Rusty acting the part of “proud father” in the announcer’s booth.

4. Road-course ringers ain’t really ringers after all.

3. Out of all the technology in NASCAR today, wipers and defoggers seem to be the hardest to master.

2. Carl should stick to NASCAR cars.

1. If Steve Wallace ever offers you a ride, in anything, just say NO!

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