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Top 10 Punishments NASCAR Considered for Matt Crafton After the Race at Gateway

10. Giving him the “Black Flag” treatment… a whole can of it.

9. A good talking to.

8. An all-expense paid hunting trip led by Todd Bodine and Ron Hornaday.

7. An all-day indoctrination covering the entire NASCAR rulebook, but no one could find one.

6. A written apology to Hornaday and Bodine.

5. Truck driving lessons by Kyle Busch.

4. Locking him in the NASCAR hauler with Bodine and Hornaday… and no cameras.

3. Enrollment in NASCAR’s 12-Step BDA program (Bad Drivers Anonymous).

2. Nothing (but the need to feel like they were in control overwhelmed them).

1. Subject him to drug testing using the same “cup” they used for Jeremy Mayfield.