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Top 10 Things Going Through Joey Logano’s Mind As He Crashed Spectacularly

10. How could Tony treat his old car like that!?

9. I see Reed. I see Robby. I see… sky!?!

8. OH SH………!!!

7. Please remain seated with your arms and legs inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

6. OK, that’s enough! We can stop now!

5. Please make it stop! Mommy!

4. There goes another racecar. Coach Gibbs is gonna be pissed!

3. OK, I read the book, picked a crew and an owner… So this is why the guy said “you’ll need one of these at least” when he sold me the car.

2. Hey y’all, watch this!

1. Well, this is one driver’s suit I don’t think they’ll auction off for charity!

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