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Top 10 Reasons NASCAR Gave a Warning to Brad Keselowski

10. They got confused for a moment and thought it was Kyle Busch.

9. Brad was seen talking to Matt Crafton moments before the race.

8. As a director, it’s their job to “direct” the actors when they get to improvising too much.

7. Figured that, as a young driver, he wasn’t aware of the law to “move over and slow down when a Chase vehicle is approaching.”

6. It had been almost a week since NASCAR had done anything stupid.

5. They wanted to send a clear message to Steve Wallace in case he ever gets a Cup ride.

4. They didn’t want to hear the same ol’ song and dance from Juan Pablo Montoya that the other cars were racing him “dirty.”

3. To make a feeble attempt to appear not be kissing Hendrick’s ass.

2. They were still a little miffed that Keselowski had the audacity to qualify third, and to think it was a real race, especially during NASCAR’s showcase “Chase.”

1. According to recently signed contracts, the GoDaddy.com-sponsored Chevy is not scheduled to record a top five or Cup victory until sometime during the 2010 season, and the legal department was getting a little nervous.

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