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Fanning the Flames: An Odd Point of View, NASCAR Hall of Fame & More (or Less) Tolerance

Note to racing-reference.info: I love the site and have for years. In fact, I use it daily – and I imagine most NASCAR writers do. So for the love of God, lose the Mountain Mud Stain pop-up ads you and your family of sites have up. Totally annoying, totally unnecessary and having the reverse effect that’s intended.

That’s my hack of the week, let me hear yours. We certainly have a couple to get things going this morning….

Q: I read where Jeff Gluck is writing that debris cautions are good for the entertainment value of the sport! Hello! We want sport, not entertainment! If we wanted contrived entertainment, we’ll watch wrestling. I’m sure you’ve read it Matt, and it bothers me that a member of the traveling NASCAR media would bend to their will and accept that debris cautions are good for the sport. Not this fan! – Disappointed in Virginia

A: I believe this was an instance where a journalist was trying to raise some eyebrows by defending an unpopular point of view and running with it. Don’t read too much into it.

Q: Matt, are you kidding??? Now NASCAR’s own media is defending “the show” that it puts on when it creates drama? [Jeff] Gluck (NASCAR SceneDaily… figures) is telling fans that NASCAR’s phantom cautions for debris is good for the sport?! What kind of “journalist” defends a sport’s leadership that manipulates the game itself? Tell me his thoughts aren’t in line with the majority of the folks who cover this sport and bring it to us daily! – Paul Parks

A: I don’t think it is. In fact, his column is the first I recall reading that actually supports the use of phantom debris cautions and their rationale. Again though, I think this may have been a slow news week and someone decided to create a buzz where there was none.

My opinion here: If the sanctioning body feels it needs to use tactics such as these to create excitement, maybe it should realize there is a bigger problem with the sport. Namely, they’ve forced a “house” car on the teams that doesn’t drive well. And worse, the sport’s brass will not accept feedback nor implement change to the vehicles themselves that would improve the quality of the product on-track.

Q: Why does NA$CAR keep taking the [Nos.] 5 and 48 Hendrick cars back to the R&D shop? If the cars were really in the tolerances, then there should not be a problem! How can people say NA$CAR is biased toward Hendrick when it’s an obvious bias against them to keep this charade up? – CBass, Oklahoma

A: I don’t think this is a matter of bias for or against. This is NASCAR sending a message the best way it knows how. How long will it continue? I suppose until NASCAR is convinced the message has been delivered.

Q: Big week for Hall of Fame nominees. Who you got, Matt? – Shaun, Jackson, Miss.

A: Well, by the time you read this, Bill France Sr., Bill France Jr., Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson will have already been voted in. But for what it’s worth, I’d have voted in the same except for David Pearson instead of France, Jr. Of course, I didn’t have a vote, so my opinion stays just that.

I only wish NASCAR would have made its inaugural class larger. It seems inducting about 20 off the bat would be more fitting (and practical). No worries, though… it’ll give us more to discuss next season.

By the way, my second class consists of Pearson, Raymond Parks, Lee Petty, DW and Cale. And this one is tougher to pick than the first.

Q: Hey Matt. I always [was] an Earnhardt fan, so I’ve pulled for Childress for years (and for Dale Jr. of course) but I thought the Rick Hendrick tribute, “Together” was an extremely well-produced piece. Very touching, very heartfelt and no doubt thorough. It was as good as “Dale” for this fan of the Man in Black.

It brought back a lot of memories for a fan of the sport that’s been here for 35 years and made me realize that I’m more than just a fan of one driver or team but for the entire NASCAR family.

As much as us fans complain, I think we should also recognize that we are lucky to follow a sport that is so different than the others. It’s truly unique! It’s more than just box scores and stat lines. It’s about people! We don’t know them all personally, but we feel like family because of the love we share for this sport. Thank you. – Turner Quinn

A: I don’t know that there’s much I could – or should – add to that, Turner. Thanks for your refreshing perspective, your obvious passion and most of all, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

I’m gonna crash, folks. It’s been eight hours worth of shopping for the wedding today and I’m done… as is my bank account.

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