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Top 10 NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominees That Just Missed the Cut

10. Richard Childress: Couldn’t line up the necessary sponsorship to fund a successful induction.

9. Raymond Parks: Started the paperwork process for induction, but failed to finish it, leaving the page blank after the first few lines. Mistakenly thought to be the father of the “start-and-park.”

8. Cale Yarborough: Once considered a sure thing for induction as the first man to win three Cups in a row… until Jimmie Johnson showed that ain’t so hard.

7. Bill France Jr.: Another absolute lock… until that one fateful decision to turn the sport over to his son.

6. Tim Flock: Voting was running late, and voters decided to speed up the process and just get the Flock outta there.

5. Herb Thomas: Voting panel mistakenly thought he was the founder of Wendy’s and wondered why he was even on the ballot.

4. Glen Wood: His description of “as a driver, laid the wood for the future Wood Brothers’ success” didn’t sit right with the female voters on the panel (it garnered all the men’s votes, though!).

3. Darrell Waltrip: The panel wanted to prevent the spectacle of DW dancing about shouting, “I won the inaugural induction!” Not to mention the pain to his family after his head inexplicably exploded.

2. Bud Moore: Actually gets in due to his name cleverly listed on the ballot as Moore, Bud, to which all the voters agreed was a good idea.

1. Rick Hendrick: Rick was disqualified after his nomination papers are found to be .006″ thicker than the rest, thus arousing suspicion. NASCAR officials have assured Hendrick that he will actually be inducted the next three or four years in a row, however, making him the most successful nominee in NASCAR history.

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