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Top 10 Questions Burger King Failed to Ask Tony Stewart During His Lie Detector Test

10. Who creeps you out the most? The Burger King “King” or Brian France?

9. What did you really have to give Gene Haas for the sign to read “SHR” instead of “HSR?”

8. What really happened in your firesuit during the race you won at Watkins Glen a few years ago?

7. Do you still believe NASCAR throws a caution for debris when there is no debris?

6. Have you ever shaved the number of your car in your back hair?

5. Do you think Kyle Busch is the biggest horse’s patootie in NASCAR today?

4. Before this sponsorship, were you a “Whopper” virgin?

3. Did you ever throw anything back at your monkey that it threw at you?

2. Which tastes better, a Burger King Whopper or an In-N-Out Double Double “Animal Style?”

1. Did you ever, at any time, subject your monkey to corporal punishment?

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