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Top 10 Things Fans Decided to Do After 20 Laps at Talladega

10. Realized that the fans in Fontana might be on to something and checked out the “shopping” under the grandstands.

9. Looked for the No-Doz vendors Tony’s crew chief spoke of over the radio.

8. Decided not to buy AMP Energy drinks when they realized the race was staged the way it was as a marketing ploy to get people to buy AMP Energy drinks!

7. Changed the frequencies on their scanners to listen to truckers on the Interstate… or classical music, whichever.

6. That “Honey-do” list that she’s been bitchin’ about.

5. “On second thought, honey, I’d love to go fall shoe shopping with you and your mother!”

4. Look for one of those wet t-shirt contests going on that everyone is always talking about in the infield.

3. Made plans to change their “NASCAR room” into a “golf room” and wondered how much they might get on eBay from all their NASCAR junk.

2. Switched channels to see what games were on, even if it meant watching the Lions.

1. Looked for the vendor rumored to be selling “Brian France Sucks” (front) “Mike Helton Swallows” (back) t-shirts. (Unfortunately, the vendor ran out of stock by lap 100)

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