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Top 10 Signs NASCAR Has Employed Bill Weber the Magician

10. Caution lights mysteriously stay on or come on for no apparent reason at the track.

9. Danica was here, and now suddenly vanished until June! (Best trick yet!)

8. Using NASCAR’s statistical loops, he can prove that the racing over the last decade is the best ever!

7. They are hopeful that he is capable of maintaining Auto Club Speedway’s assertion that people really are in the stands and they still deserve two dates.

6. NASCAR no longer has to pay for high-priced entertainers at the annual banquet in Las Vegas.

5. Jamie McMurray suddenly thinks he’s a premier racer again.

4. NASCAR decided they needed to do something to entertain all the children the drivers are having while Daddy is racing.

3. NASCAR plans to bring back the fan favorite, “Miss Terri DeBris.”

2. He is an integral part of the plan to make the wing disappear on the CoT.

1. How else could Brian France reside in two states at the same time?!