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Top 10 Reasons Kurt Busch Struggled in His NHRA Debut

10. He kept insisting on getting a rolling start.

9. He was waiting for his spotter to yell, “Green, green, green!”

8. He was only giving his crew 14 seconds between runs to get the car ready.

7. He is used to the lights going from green to yellow to red… not the other way around.

6. He just can’t bring himself to go over 45–50 mph when going down what reminds him of pit lane.

5. Found out at the last second that he wasn’t going to get a large percentage of the souvenir sales.

4. Couldn’t grasp the idea of doing the burnout first and then the race.

3. After each run, he would swing into the other lane and roar back to the starting line, thinking he was at Martinsville.

2. Insisted on using Sunoco fuel.

1. After his initial burnout in front of the crowd, he threw it in reverse and backed around the complex!

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